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90 years of history

Banca March is the only 100% family-owned, Spanish bank, a benchmark in Private Banking and advisory services for companies, family businesses and business-owning families.

We are an unlisted bank, with a unique business model that sets us apart from the rest. Our difference lies in a business philosophy based on joint growth with our customers, employees, shareholders and society.

The consolidation and success of this business model have been made possible by our long-term approach and our unwavering commitment to our core values.

A unique, inimitable model

Shareholder commitment

Safekeeping our customer's equity as part of a prudent management approach and long-term vision, pursuing sustained returns over time.

Exclusive products

Banca March's business model is based on the joint growth of its customers, shareholders and employees.  This model is reflected in particular in our co-investment capacity.


Outstanding quality service

Our strong financial ratios provide us with the independence required to offer our customers an excellent service.

Excellent Professionals

Our team of professionals offer specialist advice to each customer.

Core-Satellite philosophy

What is it?

A philosophy for building portfolios that seeks to combine, as simply as possible, the best of both worlds: a tactical, agile, diversified and liquid core, actively managed and surrounded by a series of satellites, or performance levers, that emphasise the more long-term trend bets incorporated as permanent mainstays.

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Sustainability and impact

The need to achieve Sustainable Development offers new investment opportunities that make it possible to obtain attractive returns and reduce the risk of investments.

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Growth trends

Investments that demonstrate our capacity for innovation, exclusivity and a great foresight.

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March Vida provides customers with a wide range of comprehensive savings insurance options with different terms, remuneration and settlement conditions.

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The products and services offered through our Treasury area complement the other solutions in the Banca March portfolio and allow us to offer a specialist advisory service.

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Alternative management 

Solutions for a different environment that seek returns, regardless of how markets perform.

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Banca March's business model is based on the joint growth of its customers, shareholders and employees.

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Delegated solutions

The core is the most tactical part of the portfolio, with widely diversified and liquid investments that seek to take advantage of short-term opportunities.

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Euro Account

The Euro Account is a product adapted to your needs if you intend to visit our country shortly in order to buy a property. Open now your Euro Account and you will be able to transfer funds before your arrival.


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